High accuracy corrosion inspection

The Pipesurvey International MFL tool is designed with the highest density of Hall sensors (radial, axial and tangential) in a true gapless, sensor arrangement. Each sensor pad is of integrated rugged design, incorporating ID/OD sensors and quality sensors for lift-off and magnetization level. At the same time the design of the measuring system offers sufficient flexibility to scan the near weld zone as accurate as possible. The sensor pads are combined on low friction magnetic yokes, which are arranged in such way that the tool is able to pass through 1.5D radius bends and 25% diameter reductions.

Bidirectional operation

The Pipesurvey International MFL tool distinguishes itself from other tools in the market in that it is a versatile tool. The tool can be equipped with cups for long distance operation in transmission lines; it can also be equipped with special design discs for bidirectional operation, which opens new frontiers in MFL inspection. Sub-sea pipelines ending in well heads or sub sea manifolds, jetty lines, tank-farm lines, flow lines, unpiggable lines can be inspected using the same tool.

Reporting standards

Pipesurvey International strives to use the most up to date norms and standards for its tool specification and reporting. Remaining strength calculations are performed with, but are not limited to, ASME B31.G-2009, Rstreng-5, DNV-RP-F101 and Shell 92. Corrosion growth calculations are performed upon request.

Pipesurvey International offers the MFL corrosion inspection service from sizes 6” to 42” inch. Specification sheets, other pipeline sizes and multi diameter tools are available upon request.

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